Working with The DejaBlue Grass Band


So you’d like to have the DejaBlue Grass Band play at your wedding, rehearsal dinner, private party, or special event, but don’t know where to start or what to expect?  Don’t worry, here’s a rundown of some frequently asked questions.  And if you don’t find your answer here, just contact us.  We look forward to working with you.

> How much will it cost to hire the The DejaBlue Grass Band?

Price depends on a number of factors.  The location, time, and duration of the performance, as well as a few other details that must be accounted for in the final price.  We’ll discuss this with you when you contact us, so drop us a line at booking[at]

> How long will the band play?

A standard DejaBlue Grass Band show consists of approximately 140 minutes of music.  The most common configurations are three 45min. sets with two 15 minute breaks in between, or two 70min sets with one 15 minute break in between.  The play time can be broken into any number of configurations to accommodate your specific needs. We play pre-recorded music to keep the party going during set breaks, or if there is a special IPod you want played we will use it instead, no problem.


 If you’d like the band to play longer than this, we will pre-arrange a price for additional sets, or, if the party goes later than expected, we can continue to play for an additional charge.

> How many are in the band?

The DejaBlue Grass Band is comprised of five-pieces.  Instrumentation includes acoustic rhythm guitar, banjo, mandolin, doghouse bass and fiddle with lots of harmony vocals.

> What does the band wear?

Typical attire for the The DejaBlue Grass Band at private events is standard Country/Bluegrass garb, less all the sequins and rhinestones.  Think Wranglers and boots, western shirts, and cowboy hats and you’ll have the idea.

> Will The DejaBlue Grass Band learn a special song for my event?

Yes, we can make arrangements to work up special song requests,  just make sure you inform us of your request with enough time prior to your event so that we can prepare.

> How far will the band travel?

We’ve traveled coast to coast and almost out of the country once.  Distance of course plays a role in the pricing as fuel, lodging, and travel time are all factors that have to be taken into consideration when calculating the overall charge.

> Will a microphone be available for use for speeches and announcements?

Yes, we can provide a microphone for use at the front of the stage for speeches and announcements.

> What time does the band arrive?

The band arrives at a prearranged time so that our set-up and sound checks can be completed before they will interrupt any other activities at the event site.  Depending on the venue, it takes roughly 90 minutes for us to load-in, set up, and get our sound sussed out, after which we’ll just get out of the way and hang tight until our start time.

> If one of my guests is a professional singer/musician.  Does the band mind if they sit in for a song?

It’s always special when a friend or family member performs for you at your event. We don’t mind having someone sit in with the band. If there is a specific song they would like us to back them up on, let us know so we can work up the required material before hand. 

> What does the band need us to provide?

You will need to provide a standard power supply on two 15 amp breakers, within 5 feet of the stage.  You will also need to provide ample space (roughly 12′ x 18’) protected from the sun and the elements. If you would like the band to set up on a stage or a trailer, rather than the ground, you will need to provide this.

> What does the band provide?

The band provides a clean, professional looking setup.  Colorful stage lights and a state of the art sound system are available depending on your needs.

> How do I reserve The DejaBlue Grass Band?

All you have to do is contact us, discuss the details of your event, and we’ll mail you a contract to sign and return. A deposit is required at the same time to complete your reservation.  

> What do I have to do once I have reserved the band?

Just keep us informed regarding event details and directions to the event site.  We find that most people reserving the band for an event still haven’t worked out all of the fine details.  Not a problem. Just send us an email once things are sorted out.  A couple of weeks before the event, we’ll contact you and make sure everything is clear and all questions are answered.  Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions or concerns.